Thursday, 5 April 2012

Study cum Training on 'Impact of Social Media on Human Values

CCI-India is organising a 3 day Study-cum-Training (SCT) on ‘Impact of Social Media on Human Values’ from the 9th to 11th July 2012 at Satyodayam, South Lallaguda, Secunderabad – 500 017, Andhra Pradesh.
The SCT is meant for youth leaders and animators from Cardijn movements, AICUF, ICYM and Diocesan Youth Commissions.

A few adult animators from CCI will also take part.

Social Media offers a wide spectrum of choices, opportunities and avenues. It has permeated into all spheres of individual and collective life. Social Media is a boon to those who use it with the right perspective. It has the ability to empower groups and communities; to transcend into all realms and to transform, if only used with a clarity in purpose and vision. At the same time there has been widespread accusations that Social Media takes us away from reality and forces us to live in a virtual world.

There is an urgent need to understand what Social Media is and how to make use of it positively; a need to ‘unlearn’ the ‘trash’ that is imposed on us and to ‘undo’ the ‘toxic’ effects of Social Media.

It is with this view, CCI having a firm faith in the capacity of young people, offers this training to the youth.
A registration fee of Rs.300/- will have to be paid along with the request for registration.

For further details write to Cardijn Community International – India at
CCI-Hyderabad with its dynamic leaders are playing host to this event.

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