Thursday, 31 May 2012

Pune CCI celebrates NEW PENTECOST

CCI Pune Chapter celebrated New Pentecost on Sunday, 27th May 2012 with a Holy Mass at the Holy Cross Church, Dapodi, Pune.

The members of Pune Chapter who met for a meeting after mass reflected on the theme for 2012 'Social Commitment of the Church'.

Jane D' Cunha in her media release says that Joseph Arokyasamy, member of the National CCI called upon all members to participate actively in the activities of CCI.

Joseph shared with the group the lay apostolate initiatives of CCI to keep the Church alive to its social commitment. He asked the members to participate actively in the 'Survey on the living and working conditions of the internal migrants' to be launched by the national CCI shortly.

Pune Chapter offered to pay the registration fee for those youth who would participate in the Study cum Training on 'Impact of Social Media on Human Values' to be held in July this year.

Jane reports that Melwyn Vijayanand chaired the meeting while Lourdu Mary Joseph in her prayer invoked the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Hilda Gaekward welcomed the gathering and Alan David proposed vote of thanks.

Sunday, 20 May 2012

CCI-India makes big plans to promote Cardijn

The National Team of CCI-India in their meeting at Trichur, Kerala from the 15th to 17th May 2012 undertook an extensive review of the reality of CCI in India and the steps taken since the National Council in November last. They came up with a multi-pronged approach to build CCI in India and to promote Cardijn.
Some of the salient features of the decisions are:

Survey on the living and working conditions of internal migrant workers:
To be undertaken in 6 phases viz. (i) Finalisation of the objective and guidelines; (ii)data collection; (iii)analysis of data collected; (iv)consultation to discuss the outcome of the survey and to plan action with the field workers, experts, sociologists, organisations working on migrant issues and CCI leaders and animators; (v)publication of the survey and the last phase (vi) will be the action part (representation, lobbying and sensitization on the issue).

SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) will be the technical tool used for formulating guidelines and analysing the data collected.
2 fulltime workers from CCI will be appointed for 2 to 3 months to conduct the survey in 6 major cities in India (Chennai, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune, Bangalore and Hyderabad).

100 families/individuals will be contacted during the survey in each of the 6 cities.
Besides the 6 cities, the CCI members will also take up the survey in their own areas.

One day Study in all CCI Chapters:
To strengthen the CCI in India, each Team member will be responsible for one or two Chapters and they will visit the Chapters and conduct a one day study on Review of Life, what is CCI, etc. A calendar was drawn up.
New areas for extension: Coimbatore and Trichur

Calendar of annual events in every Chapter:

The National Team came up with a suggestion for every Chapter to observe the following 4 events compulsorily in their Chapters. The events will be:

·         May Day  

·         New Pentecost celebration

·         Birth anniversary of Cardijn

·         Death anniversary of Cardijn

 It is to be noted that New Pentecost will be observed on the 27th of May 2012 on the theme ‘Social Commitment of the Church’.

 New National Treasurer:

In the aftermath of the resignation of Ms Monica Mascarenhas as National Treasurer due to personal reasons, Jomon Cherussery was co-opted as the new National Treasurer (image: below-left)

Co-option of new Team Member: James Sylvester from CCI-Hyderabad has been co-opted as the National Team Member (image: below - right)

Cardijn Media is a joint project of International CCI and National CCI which is to be registered as a company in India. Cardijn Media will come out with audio, video and print materials promoting Cardijn’s spirituality, vision and methodology.

Vatican2+50 - A Cardijn Perspective Conference, Manila
Many CCI and non-CCI members have evinced interest in attending the Manila conference. The team finalised the list of participants who would be attending the conference.

Other decisions:
The team also discussed and came up with plans on various other issues like relations with the CBCI, Media Training and SCT on Impact of Social Media in Secunderabad this July, publication of CCI brochures in Hindi and Tamil, a consultation on ‘Work and Worker’ in 2013, affiliation with the international CCI, legal status of CCI-India and various other issues of relevance.



Saturday, 5 May 2012

'Vatican2 + 50 - A Cardijn Perspective' Conference

CCI is launching at an international conference in Manila, Philippines from 11th to 14th October 2012 a 3 year project with the theme 'Vatican2 + 50 - A Cardijn Perspective'.

The project aims to review the implementation of the spirit and decisions of Vatican II in the areas of the social teachings of the Church and lay participation in the light of the vision and perspectives of Cardinal Cardijn.

An 'Inquiry Campaign' will soon be launched to get the lay people's perception in these two areas.

Hectic preparations are under way for the conference both by the host team in Manila and the International Team of CCI.

The National Team of CCI-India which meets at Trichur, Kerala during the 3rd week of May will finalise the list of participants from India who will go to Manila in October.

Those wishing to participate in the conference may send their request to the National CCI at

Those wishing to make a financial contribution towards organisation of the conference may contact the National CCI.