Monday, 16 July 2012

Twin Events in the Twin City Creates History

CCI Media Training

The CCI Media Training organised by the International Coordination of CCI in partnership with CCI-India and hosted by the Hyderabad CCI was a great boost to the youth leaders and animators in learning new skills.

The two day event was held at Satyodayam Retreat Center, Secunderabad on the 7th and 8th July 2012.

Stefan Gigacz, the International President of CCI was the key trainer.

The subjects covered included:
Citizen Journalism; News gathering techniques; Web news gathering and aggregating; Live news gathering skills; Creating/managing a blog/website; Editing and publishing news stories; Using and producing images and videos and Producing a newsletter.

All the 15 participants produced on the spot video clips as part of news gathering exerciss, developed blogs, uploaded images and managed websites as part of the project work assigned during the training.

Realising the importance and urgency, a  CCI CITIZEN JOURNALISM on 'CLIMATE JUSTICE' was launched at the concluding session.

It was also decided to promote CCI through opening a website

Joseph Irudianath of CCI-Hyderabad handed over the certificates to all the participants on completion of the training.

Study cum Training on 'Impact of Social Media on Human Values'

Following the Media Training, 35 youth leaders and adult animators from Jamshedpur, Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Hyderabad, Trichur, Bangalore, Mangalore, Chennai and Nepal attended the 3 day event from the 9th to 11th July 2012.

The participants were alumnis and current members from YCS, YCW, MIJARC, CWM, AICUF (IMCS) and YPD-Nepal. The National Chaplain of YCS Fr. Charles was also present.

The Study cum Training was organised by CCI-India in partnership with CCI-Hyderabad.

Fr. Sagayaraj, Principal of St. Mary's Junior College, Hyderabad spoke on 'Evolution of Social Communication and Reality Today'.

The group discussions and plenary discussions enlightened the participants to understand what is social media, its impact on human values and how best to use the social media towards sustainable development.

The participants resolved to use social media in an effective manner towards social change. They also decided to promote CCI through social media.

In order to use their skills and abilities to promote CCI, a CCI Volunteer Group was launched as part of the future plan.

The CCI SOCIAL MEDIA GROUP will be another platform wherein the participants can continue to interact and share their views, actions and campaigns.

Secunderabad Declaration:

The participants adopted a Declaration pledging to use social media towards sustainable development.

To view the power point presentation click: Declaration.pptx

Kudos to CCI-Hyderabad

A special thanks to the dynamic host team who organised both the events with a professional touch. The 'Wi-Fi hot spot' at the venue was an added attraction which enabled all the participants to 'connect'.


  1. It was truly a wonderful and Amazing experience.. There is so much that we have learnt and we started using it already. thanks to Social Media and CCI

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