Thursday, 16 January 2014

Ecclesiastical Court for Canonization of Cardijn Installed

Mgr. Andre Joseph Leonard, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels installed the Ecclesiastical Court towards canonization of Cardinal Cardijn on the 16th January 2014.

This historic event was made possible by the efforts of Father Felix Van Meerbergen, CCI Chaplain for Belgium and Europe and his team of dedicated Cardijn followers.

Stefan Gigacz, International President of CCI was present on the occasion. Stefan is a member of the Court.

M. J. Ruben, CCI Secretary-General and Fr. S. Servatius, Convenor, CCI Canonization Committee are members of the Canonization Committee in Mechelen-Brussels Archdiocese.

It may be recalled that CCI moved a resolution to promote the cause of canonization of Cardijn at its international conference on 'Vatican 2+50: A Cardijn Perspective' at Manila in October 2012.

A prayer campaign was also launched at this conference.

Attracted by the call of CCI, Fr. Felix Van Meerbergen, Diest, Belgium worked tirelessly to promote this cause and initiated a canonization committee.

The Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and other Bishops in Belgium too supported the move.

Hundreds of witnesses are already coming up with testimonies on Cardijn.

In the meantime, Pope Francis's drive to cut cost of expenditure in the promotion of the cause of 'sainthood' comes as a welcome gift to the move to canonize Cardijn.

Fr. Felix Van Meerbergen with the Auxiliary Bishop
Stefan Gigacz with the Auxiliary Bishop

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