Monday, 13 July 2015

Father Thomas Joseph Meets Ms Philomena Doherty and Little Joe

Ms Philomena Doherty, a former YCW from Chennai who is married to YCW Australian Extension Worker Bernie Doherty and settled in Australia was on a visit to India recently when she met Little Joe (Joseph Arokiasamy) of Cardijn Community India.

Father Thomas Joseph, worker chaplain for over 50 years was the Diocesan Chaplain when Philo was a member of the YCW, Pudupet Section in Chennai.

Ms Doherty along with Little Joe met Father Thomas Joseph at the Sacred Heart Seminary, Poonamallee and reminisced the YCW days in India.

Little Joe who was a YCW in Bangalore during the work of Bernie Doherty has a great affinity to him and Joe

came all the way from Pune to meet Ms Philomena.

Father Thomas Joseph is 96 years old. He is the Spiritual Father at the Sacred Heart Seminary near Chennai and is still active. He has recently written and published a book on 'Work and Worker'.

Father Thomas Joseph will be attending the CCI International Conference in December this year at Joe Beach near Chennai.


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