Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Intensive Training Course on Review of Life (ROL)

Cardijn Community India (CCI) announced an Intensive Training Course on ROL to be conducted from the 2nd to 5th March 2018 at the Animation Centre, Nagercoil, Kanniyakumari District.

This certificate training course is open for CCI members, current and former members of other Cardijn movements (YCS/YSM, YCW, CWM, CFM & MIJARC) who wish to be 'change makers'.

This rapid course offers the possibility for the participants to experience community living, field visits for on the spot study (See) in factories, fishing community, market place, rural areas, urban centres and other areas.

The in-house training also offers theoretical classes on ROL, See-Judge-Act methodology and inputs on reality in India (and at the international level) and the responses by different groups, communities and organisations by experts.

The participants will be part of the evolution of a training module which they can use in their organisations and communities thus becoming trainers and multipliers.

Keeping in tune with the type of training, only limited seats will be available.

A subsidized registration fee will be charged.

At a time when many feel Cardijn movements are no more relevant in the contemporary reality, it is a good opportunity for the Cardijn movements to train their leaders and animators.

Those interested may contact Cardijn Community India for more details.