Friday, 3 January 2020

Cardijn Community India takes a new avatar

Cardijn Community India (CC India) in its 5th National Council held in Bangalore from 22nd to 24th November 2019 declared itself as a networking community of people and a civil society organisation working for sustainable development.

In order to pave way for the structure to be simple and in tune with reality, CCI India as a registered body under Societies Act was dissolved.

Accordingly, the erstwhile national team, national council, chapters and the position of direct members too were dissolved to enable a new type of structure to take place. 

It was resolved that Educate,  Serve and Represent will be the motto of CC India based on Review of Life.

The national council after deliberations for 3 days decided on the new structures for Cardijn Community India.

General Council: is the supreme governing body of CC India. All members who have paid regular membership fee become part of the General Council. 

Central Council: comprises of chapters and the national secretariat with a proportionate number of members without chapters.

National Secretariat: comprises the Chairperson, Secretary cum Treasurer and Animators/Collaborators. The National Secretariat is chosen by the General Council of all members of CC India 

Perspectives for the next two years

Educate,  Serve and Represent will be the motto of CC India based on Review of Life.

Extension to new areas and Training on Review of Life (ROL) and Social Media will be the focus for the coming years.

Campaigns and study programs will be organised on 'Ecology' and specifically on 'Laudato Si'.

Representative action to focus on 'Climate justice' and gender balance in Parliament and Legislatures with reservation for women members.

Membership drive

Everyone including the members till the National Council have to pay a membership fee afresh directly to the National Secretariat and register themselves as members beginning from 1st January 2020 and before 31st January 2020. A list of members enrolled will be announced by February 2020. 

Only the members enlisted by the National Secretariat shall be deemed as CC India members. 

National Secretariat 

To conduct the whole process of membership drive and formation of General Council and Central Council, only the National Secretariat was unanimously decided.

Glynis Joseph was chosen as the new Chairperson of Cardijn Community India. Secretary cum Treasurer and Collaborators/Resource persons will be decided upon in due course.

Fr. Joseph Susainathan continues to be the National Animator. Fr. S. Servatius, International Chaplain of CCI and Ruben Joseph, CCI International Coordinator shall be part of the National Secretariat.

More information could be obtained from the National Secretariat on request.

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